About Us

Established in 1927, Jones & Rickard maintains a proud tradition of solving our Client's complex problems.

We are proudly Australian, Family owned, and Client-centred

The Jones & Rickard Group, through 100% owned subsidiaries 'Dynelec' and 'J&R Magnetics' solves our Client's complex problems.


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Our Purpose

The Jones & Rickard Group, since 1927, has thrived by developing solutions to our client's complex problems around Electrical Distribution, Control, Rotating Equipment & Industrial Electromagnetic Systems.


We exist to help you solve the difficult problems.


Board of Directors

Delivering on all of our Stakeholders' expectations 

Group Leadership Team

Our Group Leadership Team drives the delivery & development of our services aspiring to exceed our Customer's needs  


The Jones & Rickard Group shares a rich tradition dating back to the 1920's